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The ACT takes on its own character altogether, and with this kind of range of subjects and the pressure of high-stakes testing, taking on the ACT can really be an overwhelming endeavor for many students. That’s exactly what Leading Edge Learning Center does with ACT preparation that is personalized to fit your student. Our focused approach demystifies the test, enhancing skills and confidence to navigate the ACT successfully.

ACT Curriculum

English Mastery: Focuses on grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and strategic answering techniques to improve clarity and coherence.

Mathematical Proficiency: Encompasses algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and problem-solving strategies, aimed at boosting mathematical reasoning and speed.

Reading Comprehension: Offers strategies for understanding and analyzing diverse texts to enhance speed and accuracy in answering questions.

Scientific Reasoning: Prepares students with skills for interpreting, analyzing, and evaluating scientific information, readying them for complex data representation challenges.

Writing Enhancement: Assists in planning and executing well-organized essays, emphasizing argumentation skills and clear communication.

What to Expect From our ACT Prep

Personalized Lesson Plans: Customizes ACT Prep to align with each student’s learning style and strengths, ensuring focused improvement in needed areas.

Experienced Tutors: Our tutors are seasoned professionals with extensive ACT knowledge, eager to share their effective strategies for success.

Flexible Scheduling: We accommodate students’ hectic schedules, making ACT preparation seamless and stress-free.

Progress Tracking: With regular assessments and feedback, we document progress, spotlighting areas for further emphasis and clarifying goals.

Strategic Test-Taking Techniques: Beyond academic content, we focus on timing, question analysis, and elimination strategies to boost test performance.

Confidence Building: Our welcoming environment bolsters student confidence, fostering self-belief and reducing test anxiety.

Comprehensive Coverage: Provides a thorough review of all ACT sections, ensuring a well-rounded preparation and maximizing scoring potential.

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