Reading Tutoring

Reading difficulty is not only a difficult challenge for a learner in gaining academic achievement but also for their development of interest in the field of literature. Leading Edge Learning Center individualizes reading tutoring according to the reading requirements of each student to lessen this challenge. This dedicated approach empowers the learner to take on what may have previously seemed a daunting task and be able to make it something that brings confidence and a sense of achievement in reaching their full potential.

Reading Curriculum

Elementary Reading Skills – Focuses on phonics, basic comprehension, and fostering a love for reading with entertaining and interactive stories.

Middle School Reading Development: Emphasizes vocabulary expansion, understanding complex sentences, and beginning analytical thinking across different text genres.

High School Reading Proficiency – Enhances deep understanding and critical analysis, preparing students for complex and synthesized college-level reading tasks.

College Reading Mastery: Provides techniques for navigating academic research, critical analysis across genres, and strategies for comprehending dense materials, aiding both academic and professional success.

What to Expect From our Reading Tutoring

Personalized Lesson Plans – Customized to each student’s unique needs, our reading tutoring offers focused and effective support, ensuring mastery of set goals.

Experienced Tutors: Our dedicated educators, experienced in teaching reading, inspire and motivate learners of all ages.

Flexible Scheduling – Understanding family needs, we offer flexible tutoring sessions to accommodate any schedule.

Progress Tracking – With both formative and summative assessments, we provide detailed feedback on progress and areas needing improvement, clearly outlining a path to reading success.

Supportive Environment: Conducted in a conducive setting, our tutoring fosters curiosity and a love for reading, enhancing confidence and skills.

Cultural Sensitivity – Acknowledging our students’ diverse backgrounds, our course is designed to be culturally sensitive and inclusive, relevant to all learners.

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